About Our Company

We believe in human creativity and technology as the motors
driving us to a brighter future.

The Future is Bright

The software and technology outsourcing industry is very widelyspread. Finding an option that is flexible enough and cares about your success can be a challenge. This is one of the cornerstones in which we build our company. More than just a service hired to take care of a problem, we see ourselves as your strategic partners. Your success matters to us.

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Our History

We started as an idea in the minds of our founders, Norman Valerio and Víctor Herrera, after noticing that entrepreneurs and businesses, in general, had a challenging time finding software development teams and experts that would accompany them and assist them with empathy in the process of developing their ideas from start to finish.

Common outsourcing services offer standardized square solutions that require businesses to adapt to them. We think the solution should be adapted to the needs of the hiring partern

As experts in creative software development, our company believes in helping businesses widen their field of vision through education, innovation, and implementation of the best technologies. Our aim is to deliver long-lasting results that generate value for businesses and their customers.

We are located in Costa Rica, home of beautiful nature and human capital of the highest level of talent and excellence. Our geographic position helps us provide a first-class infrastructure level that is cost-effective, as well as the best professional talent. 

Our Mission

We enable our customers to achieve a bright future through creative and innovative software and technologies. 

Our Vision

We are here to become a leader in the innovation and creative software development industry, known for the visible possitive impact we create in our customers and our world.

    Our Values

    Our beliefs guide our decisions and help us build a bright future for our company, our collaborators and our world.

    • Synergy between business and technical visions
    • Innovation is the core of our spirit
    • How you look doesn’t define you
    • Happy colleagues build a happy company
    • Education and knowledge are basic human rights
    • Sustainability is the way to a brighter future

    Over 15 years of combined experience

    During our career we have been in contact with multiple technologies and challenges to solve. From simple updates to sophisticated IoT Custom Solutions, we have the drive and knowledge to deliver results to position your business ahead of the curve.

    Projects Where We Collaborated

    Medical Industry

    Development of a unique drug management system for pharmaceutical and medical laboratories aimed to keep an accurate inventory and detailed records of tests and experiment results.

    Device Communications

    Design and development of a custom solution to allow communication between software and drug administration devices in real-time, allowing collaboration among different medical and laboratory staff, printing, and live database feeding. 

    Administrative Solutions

    Design and implementation of an easy-to-use invoicing solution linking businesses to customers and to the treasure office of Costa Rica, allowing to comply with tax regulations in the country.

    Why Costa Rica?

    Our country offers not only beautiful beaches and 5% of the planets’ biodiversity. We also have one of the best public and private education systems forming remarkable professionals in multiple areas including technologies and software.

    Our population has a wide diversity and is, in general, familiar with different cultures and languages as many people from all over the world constantly visit us to admire our nature and also, to invest and establish businesses.

    We have one of the most stable political and social environments in Latin America. Also, we have a solid democratic system and no army.


    If you are interested in pursuing a career in technology in a place that greatly values creativity, diversity, promotes learning and our company’s values resonate with you, we would love to meet you!